Welcome to my Cydia/Sileo/Installer repo. Don’t remind me how ugly this page is. 

My twitter: @Smacpats

My reddit: u/smacpats

DM me on either if you have questions. 

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Tweaks hosted here:

EmojiPortInstaller- Most of you are probably here for this. Here, read this webpage. 


Deb files:

Pikabu- https://github.com/smacpats/smacpats.github.io/raw/master/repo/debs/Tweaks/com.jeffrey.pikabulite_1.1.0_iphoneos-arm.deb

Emojiport installer- https://github.com/smacpats/smacpats.github.io/raw/master/repo/debs/Tweaks/emojiport-installer1.2.deb

Previously hosted:

Cocoatop64- Process manager for iOS 11-13. Can be found now on https://notmytweaks.github.io 

Pikabu Lite- Volume HUD tweak for iOS 10-12. Can be found now on https://pikabucydia.github.io